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Gear Rental & Shop

Arctic Heli Skiing´s Shop

Our little shop is set up with two things in mind, souvenirs and common outdoor stuff people forget, loose or break.

The outdoor section is set up in cooperation with Iceland´s premier outdoor shop, Fjallakofinn. Items available include: base layers, hats, gloves, mittens, sunglasses, ski goggles and more.

In the souvenir section we have some local art work along with our awesome Arctic Heli Skiing clothing department.
You can choose from T-shirts, hoodies and buffs in a variety of colors and sizes all with the AHS logo.  New this year are Marmot fleece jackets and vests with the AHS logo embroidered on them - definitely worth taking one home!

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At the Arctic Heli Skiing shop we carry a wide selection of performance skis.  When choosing skis there are several things to keep in mind including what you want out of the ski, skier ability and skier size.  Our staff is more than happy to assist you in choosing the right set of skis for the most enjoyment.

For full list of rental gear, types, sizes and more click here



Heli Skis (wider skis often with big rockers)

  • Völkl Vwerks Kantana
  • Völkl Katana
  • Völkl Gotama
  • Völkl One
  • Völkl Mantra
  • Völkl Kiku
  • Völkl Kendo
  • Völkl Kenji
  • Black Diamond Megawatt
  • Movement Trust
  • Movement Source
  • Movement Tattoo

Touring skis, skis with touring bindings

  • Volkl Nanuq 
  • Volkl Nunataq
  • Black Diamond Kilowatt
  • Black Diamond Zealot
  • Black Diamond Verdict
  • Movement Trust
  • Movement Chill Out

Ski Boots:

  • Scarpa Legend
  • Scarpa Avenger
  • Scarpa Skookum

We always recommend that people bring their own boots as it can take long time to break in ski boots and a good fit can be difficult to find. We like to point out that our boot rental is for emergency only, you should only rent boots to try out or if yours get lost or break.

Avalanche safety:

  • Beacons, Pieps DPS
  • Shovels, Pieps
  • Probe, Pieps
  • Airbag

For full list of rental gear, types sizes and more click here

  • Heliskiing in Iceland's Troll Mountains

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