Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions are standard in the heli skiing industry.  Due to the costs involved with heli skiing and heli snowboarding we have strict payment and refund policies. We also require guests to purchase travel insurance as our terms and conditions are absolute. Please familiarize yourself with our cancellation and refund policies prior to booking a program with us. 

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic we have implemented some changes in our booking and cancellation policy to ensure that you feel comfortable booking.*


Each guest should familiarize themselves with these terms and conditions and our website. This will ensure that you pick the best package for your needs and that you have a full understanding of what a heli ski trip/ski package entails.


The stated price for the Service includes all fees (fees and/or taxes the Icelandic authorities may impose on the Service covered by the agreement). Furthermore, the price shall include any additions stated in the Service description on the Arctic Heli Skiing website.  Some "down day" activities come as an extra cost and can be deducted from flight minutes included in the Service. This will only be done with knowledge and approval by guests. All non-heli skiing travelers shall pay all extra costs not included in the description for the Service.

The price for any cancellation protection and/or travel insurance comes in addition to the Service price and is not covered by the provisions of this paragraph. The same applies to any connecting journey or land arrangements that are not part of the Service. This is effective for the following programs: Iceland Classic, Iceland premium, Iceland Private and Ultimate Private, and Greenland.


Please contact us by email to reserve a space on one of our ski packages. A deposit and a completed registration form are required within 1 week of the reservation date to confirm your reservation. The deposit is 25% of your total package price, or as requested by your travel agent. The exact amount will be calculated and sent back to the guest in the reply to his initial booking request.


Final payment is required 30 days prior to commencement of your package or as required by your travel agent. If a booking is made less than 30 days prior to the start of the ski package full payment is due to confirm and secure the space. 



Should you have to cancel your 2022 heli skiing program with us to comply with COVID related border, travel or quarantine restrictions after your balance payment has been made, there are three options: 

  1. Move the full amount paid to the 2023 season and maintain 2022 pricing for your new booking.*
  2. Move your deposit to the 2023 season and receive a refund of your balance payment. Your 2023 balance is then due 30 days prior to your new trip start date and subject to our annual price increases. 
  3. Full refund

 *Rebooking is subject to availability. Please note that it is the responsibility of the guest to ensure you have the right documents to enter Iceland. If you are not allowed entry due to not having the required documents then you will not receive a refund for the program if you are not able to join. This excludes our Greenland heli skiing programs which are subject to a price increase for the 2023 season. 

The same options apply if Arctic Heli Skiing has to cancel the 2022 season to comply with COVID related border, travel or operational restrictions (for example but not limited to: physical distancing, quarantine advisory).

Cancellations due to COVID-19 must meet one of the following:

  • A border closure or advisory against non-essential travel that prevents you from leaving your home country or coming into Iceland.
  • A government imposed mandatory quarantine period that makes travel not possible.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 (or come into close contact with someone who tested positive) within two weeks of your trip start date.

Any cancellation request outside of the COVID-19 terms including injury and sickness will not be considered as part of our 2022 COVID-19 exclusion and falls under our normal cancellation policy (see above “CANCELLATIONS”. We require guests to purchase trip cancellation / interruption insurance to be covered for these risks.



All ski packages start and finish on the specified dates and have been offered as a complete package.  There are no refunds, partial or full for any of the following reasons. 

  • Late arrival or early departure for any reason (*excluding the Covid-19 related issues mentioned above)
  • Sickness or injury (*not related to Covid-19)
  • Lack of skier ability or fitness

Cancellations must be made by email. If you are unable to attend your ski package after the final payment date then the ski package is transferable to another person. If Bergmenn ehf. is able to find a replacement for your space then your package payment can be deferred to a ski package in the next season. Please note that rebooking is subject to availability,

Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the start date of the package will result in loss of the deposit. If cancellation is received 30 days or less to the start of the confirmed package the entire trip price is owed and non refundable. 

Bergmenn ehf. reserves the right to cancel any heli skiing package at any time (non-COVID related). Should this occur a full refund of payments, including deposit, will be given.
Bergmenn ehf. is not responsible for any costs outside of your heliski package (e.g. pre/post program travel expenses including flights and accommodation)


No refunds are given in whole or in part for unused days within the package due to a late arrival or early departure. If you decide to come in early from skiing/snowboarding or not ski at all no refund will be given should the guaranteed vertical or flight time not be reached. Should the entire group not reach the guaranteed flight time due to weather, a mechanical breakdown or conditions, unused time is averaged over the group and refunded at €2,600 per hour of unused time.  Should guests on our Ultimate Package not be able to fly for an entire day due to weather, a mechanical breakdown or conditions, the refund policy is €2,600 per day divided amongst the group. Please see below for our Greenland refund policy.


There are many costs associated with locating helicopters, flight hours and getting highly qualified guides to Greenland that are nonrefundable. Another big cost in the package is the Greenland Airport Authority which charges for operating commercially within the country. This cost is also non refundable.
That being said if we have problems with the weather and we do not fly the minimum hours we do try to sell them as extra hours to other groups throughout the season. In this case we are able to refund groups that did not achieve their hours, however this is not something that we can guarantee.


Each guest will be required to sign a RELEASE FROM LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.  By signing this agreement/waiver you are giving up certain legal rights. This agreement/ waiver must be signed and witnessed at our lodge before the guest is allowed to ski. This is part of our helicopter and avalanche safety briefing upon your arrival. Refusal to sign this waiver will result in cancellation of that guests ski package with no refund of any sort.


Bergmenn ehf. reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge to any of the ski packages. The price of ski packages are determined months in advance before fuel costs are known. As this is one of the single greatest costs we may be forced to add a fuel surcharge to compensate for increases in fuel prices.


Because of the costs involved in heli skiing we require that each guest purchase trip or holiday cancellation insurance in addition to medical, personal and travel insurance. These insurances should cover trip cancellation and emergency helicopter evacuation. Arctic Heli Skiing has partnered up with Global Rescue and World Nomads in offering heli skiing specific insurances to our guests. Please visit our Insurance page for further information.