Classic Program - What to Expect

Arrival Day

Our programs begin the evening of the arrival day.  Arrival in Akureyri, Iceland in the afternoon. 45 min transfer to Klængshóll Lodge for a meet and greet, guest briefing and dinner. On the first evening you will have the chance to discuss with your guide, make sure all your gear is in order and relax after your travels. 

Day 1

We begin the 1st morning of skiing reviewing avalanche and helicopter safety protocols. After the group is briefed on these important safety issues we are ready to get out for a great day of skiing, adventure and exploration. 

Day 2|3 or 2|5

Our guides set the pace and rhythm of the program so that everyone enjoys it to the fullest.  After each day of skiing we will relax and enjoy Klængshóll Lodge lounging in the hot tub, relaxing in the sauna or having a great massage, followed by one delicious meal after another feasting on organic lamb, fish and game prepared by our very talented chef. 

Day 4 or 6

This is the last day of skiing and the departure day for our guests.  After a good breakfast and sorting our luggage we hop in the heli and head out for our final day. We will enjoy more great turns and good times followed by lunch in the field, and head home for one last sauna or hot tub session. After saying our goodbyes to our new friends in Ski Valley we transfer the group back to Akureyri where guests can catch a flight to Reykjavik or continue their travels in Iceland.
As a professional freeskier, I have been fortunate enough to heli-ski around the globe. From the Alps to the Andes and Canada to Alaska and I can say that hands down the most amazing heli-ski experience of my career has been with Arctic Heli Skiing in Iceland. The terrain is endless, the scenery like nothing else on the planet and the guiding is simply the best. Jokull Bergmann and his team deliver the trip of a lifetime. Not much better in the ski world than skiing big lines of perfect corn to the edge of the ocean and a waiting heli to cycle you back for another lap. After a full day skiing lines of a lifetime, you fly home for amazing meals and top notch accommodations. A trip to Iceland with Arctic Heli Skiing should be a must-do bucket list item for every serious skier.
- Sven Brunso, VP sales & marketing at Durango Mountain Resort
“A truly unique experience: great skiing, majestic panoramas and great cuisine, all served up with loving care. Try it once, and you will come back, again and again.”
- Anthony V. Dub
AHS offers some of the most majestic terrain in the world. There is something about skiing powder straight down to the Arctic Ocean that is just one of the most exotic experiences out there. AHS owner JB is a true Icelandic legend. His guiding on and off the mountains is unreal. Iceland is a one of a kind place with so many natural wonders to see. I can’t wait to get back.
- Todd Jones, Supervising Producer, Teton Gravity Research
Put this trip on your must do list - The terrain is awesome, the guides are outstanding, and the food is exceptional! It's hard to image anything more exciting than heading out to ski at 22:00 and skiing until 02:00 under the midnight sun. Thanks for the great trips JB & everyone at Arctic Heli Skiing - see you again soon!
- RB Klinkenberg
'Arctic Heli Skiing is truly an experience of a lifetime. Once a sheep farm, owner/Guide JB has created a magical backcountry and helicopter skiing experience. I was lucky enough to be invited to film Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride in Iceland with Julia Mancuso and Jess McMillan. The entire trip was nothing short of incredible from start to finish. JB and his staff roll out the red carpet in a quaint at home sort of way. The lodge felt like home from day one. All of the guides, the chef, the pilot and the rest of the crew are warm and welcoming. The terrain is perfect. Mostly 3,000 foot lines that lead right to the Arctic Ocean. Spring conditions provide for incredible snow quality and lots of golden light. I miss Iceland, the crew and the lodge. I can't wait to go back!!
- Sierra Quitquit
'Arctic Heli Skiing provided me with the coolest, most memorable skiing experience and guide JB was an absolute pleasure to ski with - I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you want the best ski experience of your life these are the 'go to' guys!'
- Alf Anderson, Freelance Travel and Ski Journalist

2024 Dates & Prices Classic Program

Our prices are listed in Euro.  For instant conversion rate please click here.

We offer 4 & 6 Day programs, however if you are looking for a shorter package please find further information on our Single & 2 Day package page.

4 Day Programs

€8,990 / per person


H4-00 Feb 13 - 17
H4-01 Feb 17 - 21
H4-02 Feb 21 - 25
H4-03 Feb 25 - 29


H4-04 Feb 29 - 4
H4-05 March 4 - 8
H4-06 March 8 - 12
H4-07 March 12 - 16
H4-08 March 16 - 20
H4-09 March 20 - 24
H4-10 March 24 - 28
H4-11 March 28 - April 1


H4-12 April 1 - 5
H4-13 April 5 - 9
H4-14 April 9 - 13
H4-15 April 13 - 17
H4-16 April 17 - 21
H4-17 April 21 - 25
H4-18 April 25 - 39
H4-19 April 29 - May 3


H4-20 May 3 - 7
H4-21 May 7 - 11
H4-22 May 11 - 15
H4-23 May 15 - 19
H4-24 May 19 - 23
H4-25 May 23 - 27
H4-26 May 27 - 31


H4-27 May 31 - 4
H4-28 June 4 - 8
H4-29 June 8 - 12
H4-30 June 12 - 16
H4-31 June 16 - 20
H4-32 June 20 - 24
H4-33 June 24 - 28

6 Day Programs

€13,300 / per person


H6-00 February 11 - 17
H6-01 February 17 - 23
H6-02 February 23 - 29


H6-03 Feb 29 - 6
H6-04 March 6 - 12
H6-05 March 12 - 18
H6-06 March 18 - 24
H6-07 March 24 - 30


H6-08 March 30 - April 5
H6-09 April 5 - 11
H6-10 April 11 - 17
H6-11 April 17 - 23
H6-12 April 23 - 29


H6-13 April 29 - May 5
H6-14 May 5 - 11
H6-15 May 11 - 17 
H6-16 May 17 - 23
H6-17 May 23 - 29


H6-18 May 29 - June 4
H6-19 June 4 - 10
H6-20 June 10 - 16
H6-21 June 16 - 22
H6-22 June 22 - 28

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq for classic Program

  • What is the terrain like?

    The Troll Peninsula is every skier's dreamland with about 90% of the mountains skiable, meaning there are not many cliff faces or flat spots. The mountains are the perfect mix of steep to very steep couloirs and faces to wide open low angled glacier runs.

    What really sets the Troll Peninsula apart from any other heli ski destination is the fact that you can ski up to 1300m runs all the way down to the ocean.

    There are plenty of slopes for skiers of all abilities from very extreme terrain suitable for the pro riders to nice and friendly areas for the first time heli skier. The mountains of the Trolls are up to 1500m or 5000ft high but you can in many cases, ski that entire vertical all the way down to the ocean. The average heli ski run is around 900m or 3000ft in vertical drop.

    Due to our northerly position there is no tree skiing in Iceland, in fact the local joke is that if you get lost in an Icelandic forest, you just have to stand up. So if you are scared of big nasty tree wells Iceland will feel pretty safe. For the best idea of what the terrain is like, please check out our video gallery.

  • What are snow conditions like?

    The snow pack is predominantly coastal and in the springtime we are skiing powder in March and April, to excellent corn snow in May and June, with the occasional powder dump well into May. What really makes the snow good is the small temperature difference between night and day which makes for perfect corn snow, never too deep and never too hard.

    This also means we have for the most parts very stable snow in terms of avalanche danger so we can ski steeper and more exposed lines than you would normally do heli-skiing.

    Another good thing about our great corn skiing in the second half of the season is that skiers that would usually not dare venture on a heli-skiing trip where deep powder skiing skills are a must can come here and enjoy themselves just as much as the experts.

  • Why choose Arctic Heli Skiing?

    There are several reasons for choosing Arctic Heli Skiing. Please visit our WHY AHS page for further information

    • Adventure of a lifetime
    • Chance to ski from the peak right down to the Arctic Ocean
    • Closest adventure heli skiing destination to both sides of the Atlantic
    • Exclusive Heli ski packages with maximum 16 guests per week
    • Ski while basking in the rays of the midnight sun late into the night
    • Iceland's only certified Mountain Guides and heli ski experts with over 20 years of experience operating ski trips on the Troll Peninsula
    • Canadian certified heli ski guides and pilots
    • Unique cultural experience
    • First descents, volcanoes, hot springs, awesome food and company
  • Can I really ski all the way down to the Arctic ocean?

    Yes you can and it is definitely one of the highlights of our operation. We have plenty of runs with a vertical descent of 1000 meters or 3000 feet with pick ups right on the coast line.  Please keep in mind that this is dependent on conditions. 

  • Do I bring my own skis?

    You can if you like, but we do have a good fleet of Völkl high performance skis that we encourage you try out.  Please be sure to bring your boots, and better yet in carry on luggage in case your bags get lost on the way. As for type of ski best suited for our conditions a mid fat to fat ski, and not too soft, would be the ideal. If you take your skis to the shop for a tune up before your trip make sure to ask for a warm temp wax. We do have a good ski shop for repairs and hot waxing at the lodge in case of repairs or someone not advancing downhill due to the No Wax problem.

  • What happens if the weather is bad?

    Yes bad weather happens and you must be aware of the fact that you are up in the high Arctic in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But fear not for we have prepared some great down day activities. Visiting Lake Mývatn Nature Reserve with all its volcanoes, hot springs and bubbling mud pools is just one of those plans. You will also have the opportunity to experience the great local culture and dip into one of the regions many geothermal baths and visit the local micro brewery (our most popular down day activity...). If you end up skiing all your days on the Troll Peninsula you will most likely want to come back for all the great down day activities.

    But keep in mind the huge advantage of our northerly position, the continuous daylight, meaning that you can have bad weather until 6pm but still get out for 10 plus runs since the sun is not setting until around midnight.

  • Can snowboarders join your programs?

    Of course!  We do not discriminate against our single board friends!  Although all of our guides use skis for guiding they are very used to guiding snowboarders and are very conscious in choosing the appropriate terrain when necessary (so no long flat run outs!).  Please be aware that our snowboard selection is very limited so we do encourage snowboarders to communicate with us about their equipment prior to arriving so we can ensure that we have what you are looking for. 

  • What is the difference between the Classic and Premium Program?

    The Classic program includes 4 hours of flight time on the 4 day program and 6 hours on the 6 day program compared to 5 and 7 hours on the Premium program.  The Premium program is ideal for groups of 8 skiers. The Premium program guarantees that there are only 2 groups of 4 guests sharing 1 helicopter.  With the Classic program there is the possibility of up to 3 groups of 4 skiers sharing 1 helicopter.  Our guides do a very good job of keeping things running smoothly throughout the day so that guests are not waiting around.