Testimonials for heliskiing and snowboarding in Iceland

Some of the best skiing I´v ever had. And by far the best hospitality I´v experienced anywhere in the world. Must visit the crew at Arctic Heli Skiing
- Ben Gillett
Iceland is an incredible country to visit and skiing with Arctic Heliskiing is perhaps one of the best ways to experience the mountains and fjords of the north. Breathtaking landscapes and good skiing be it powder if you are lucky, or long evenings chasing corn snow til 10pm. The farm made for a great family vibe that is a real pleasure for down days and chilling out. The food was wholesome and the lamb dinners are something I will never forget. Thanks for a great experience JB and team!!!
- Anthony Bonello
If you're looking for remote adventure skiing Arctic Heli Skiing is the place to be. Enjoy great skiing with views of the Icelandic fjords and ocean, led by professional and friendly guides, stunning landscapes and amazing runs. Afterwards you're treated like a friend in a very familiary setting, great (sea) food and a calm setting amidst mountains. Air Greenland Helicopters are staged right by the lodge and flown by specially trained pilots used to flying in Arctic conditions. A truly exceptional and addictive experience!
- Edward Bekker
This is the best heliskiing/ guiding operation north of the river. Did many trips with them in Iceland and Japan and it was the best experience overall. Jokull and his gang are awesome. Very professional and always going the extra mile to make everything perfect. The base in Iceland is wonderful and the food out of this world. Will surely use them again.
- Pierre-Andre Theler
with them in Iceland and Japan and it was the best experience overall. Jokull and his gang are awesome. Very professional and always going the extra mile to make everything perfect. The base in Iceland is wonderful and the food out of this world. Will surely use them again.
- Pierre-Andre Theler
This place is about more than just heli-skiing some of the longest, most consistent, most scenic runs imaginable—though the Troll Peninsula is definitely all of that. It's also about geology and geography and history and biology and oceans and life in the North Atlantic. It's about a home-grown business in an unheralded place. It's about family ties to the land, and some of the best accommodation and food to be found anywhere. But most of all, if you've been to Arctic heliskiing, it's all about wanting to go back. Guaranteed one of the best experiences ever.
- Leslie Anthony
Arctic Heli Sking provides an outstanding heliski experience. Amazing scenery, first descents, skiing to the beach, skiing under a midnight sun, wonderful food and service..... all delivered with relaxed Icelandic charm....perfect! I'm booking again next year.
- Will Armitage
I have enjoyed amazing skiing in the unspoiled Troll Peninsula where you can spend week after week, year after year skiing first descents. JB and his crew provide a personal, pleasant and professional service in his own backyard.
- Kolbeinn Árnason
Many years have passed since I went on my first trip with JB, it was an ice climbing course and since then I’ve gone ski touring with him many times, sailboat ski touring and heli skiing. My experience from the heli skiing last spring was supernatural, the weather, snow conditions and the mountains of the North Atlantic made this trip unforgettable. The calmness at Klængshóll Lodge, along with JB’s excellent staff makes me always want to return. Well done JB.
- Geir Gíslason
'Arctic Heli Skiing provided me with the coolest, most memorable skiing experience and guide JB was an absolute pleasure to ski with - I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you want the best ski experience of your life these are the 'go to' guys!'
- Alf Anderson, Freelance Travel and Ski Journalist
I spent 2 fabulous days with Jökull Bergmann and his team skiing in Tröllaskagi. The skiing was fantastic and the accommodation and food in Klængshóll perfect. To ski from a top of mountain down to sea level is magical as one can imagine. This is the best experience ever. So don't hesitate ... GO.
- Vilhjálmur H. Vilhjálmsson
"I have heli skied at a few places but nothing comes close to your operation. It was run very professional but with a great a personal touch."
- Thomas Rassmuson
What can I say other than Arctic Heli Skiing and Bergmenn Mountain Guides are both top shelf operations. JB and his team of experienced guides are true professionals and know the mountains of Iceland better than anyone else. The entire support staff is amazing and make you feel right at home during your stay. Take a week and let JB show you around his country's beautiful mountains you'll love every minute!
- John Tighe
“A truly unique experience: great skiing, majestic panoramas and great cuisine, all served up with loving care. Try it once, and you will come back, again and again.”
- Anthony V. Dub
One of the best experiences a skier can have! Don't miss it! Amazing land, conditions and the professional team guarantee your experience!
- Dani Maza Andreota
Great terrain, super guides and fantastic food and relaxation after a good hard day of skiing. I can surely recommend it.
- Guðmundur Karl Jónsson
After returning to Iceland for heli-skiing with AHS for three years in a row, we've just booked our 4th trip for next year. The amazing conditions, the unbelievable terrain, the idyllic northern atmosphere, JB's team and the proximity to Europe make this a true skiers paradise close to home. Even though they claim to be unpredictable, the Icelandic weather gods so far have consistently agreed to bring us more heli and ski time than we could ever hope for. The combination of some of the best snow conditions we ever experienced and the sunset descents from peak to fjord are just irresistible. As is the fine dining prepared by Júlíus. See you all in 2018!
- Peter Bouwens Van
Arctic Heli Skiing is a superb operation, run under the care, skill, enthusiasm, and energy of Jökull Bergmann. I spent 2 weeks with JB, touring around Iceland, and skiing some of the most amazing terrain of my life. I'm talking 4,000' runs with the arctic ocean below type of terrain! Through it all, JB was an unwavering source of knowledge, skill, fun, and enthusiasm. He took care of every detail like no other guide or heli-operation manager that I've ever experienced, and that's saying a lot because I'm a former mountain guide and I've also been with a lot of heli operations throughout the world. It's clear he has a passion for his business, the mountains, and skiing, but most importantly, for his clients. His training as a UIAGM guide ensures that he has the skill to not only deliver great skiing, but also take great care of his clients. His demeanor is ever-positive and since client-care is at the top of his priority list, potential clients are ensured a great experience, regardless of the snow conditions. I wholeheartedly recommend Arctic Heli-Skiing.
- Mark Fisher, Professional Photographer
Weather its for heliski in Iceland, skitouring or even a trip around the world to Hokkaido Japan, JB, Einar, Erin, Anna Dóra and the rest of the Arctic Heli Ski crew are simply the best. Professional and genuine all the way. Klængshóll, Skíðadalur of course, is a world of its own with its beautiful surroundings, excellent food and a cosy atmosphere. Me and my family are certainly looking forward to our next vist. Highly recommended.
- Ólafur Már Björnsson
One of the best experiences a skier can have! Don't miss it! Amazing land, conditions and the professional team guarantee your experience!
- Dani Maza Andreota
If you are looking for the best, look no further. You will be coming back again and again. I´ve been ski touring, sailing, rock climbing and Heli-skiing with JB and its amazing how extremely fantastic he makes the entire experience. It's hard not to return having had that much fun.
- Sigurður Kiernan
This place totally is unlike anything else I have ever seen in the heli ski world...WOW. The terrain and the skiing is absolutely mind blowing.
- Christian Moser
I have heli skied at a few places but nothing comes close to your operation. It was run very professional but with a great a personal touch. Helena, the kids and myself felt that we staying with friends. The lodge and the food was fantastic and what a beautiful setting at your family farm. One could tell that everybody at the lodge from the guides, to the chef to the pilots really enjoyed working there and everybody was very helpful and great. The skiing was spectacular with wonderful landscape and variation. I hope to come back in the near future and we have already recommended your place to two friends. Thank you again for sharing this special place and unique experience.
- Thomas Rassmuson
Being fortunate enough to have visited many different heliskiing destinations I have to say I was blown away by the operation in Iceland. The professionalism and kindliness off all the staff combined with raw nature that Iceland offers is the perfect recipe for an experience of a life time. As soon as you arrive to the old farm you get a sense of welcoming and that you are a part of a bigger family. Everyone involved in the operation at Arctic Heliskiing, no matter if it's the chef, administrator, guides or the yoga instructor, works really hard to make you feel at home. The food and service provided is beyond excellent. The skiing terrain that Iceland offers is impeccable. The amount of long runs from peak to ocean seems to be endless. Combining this with some steeper options and you will be more than satisfied after spending a week here. If you have not yet been heliskiing in Iceland I highly recommend that you do so as this is one of a kind trip and something a heliskier has to experience. Thank you for an epic stay!
- Jonas Ernevi
I had the fortune to join Arctic Heliskiing and it was a fantastic experience. Iceland is unlike any other country I have visited and staying at JB's (the owner & founder) ancestral family home that has been converted into a home for very happy heliskiers made the entire trip even more special. The food that was prepared before your eyes in the cozy kitchen by an extremely competent chef is as unforgettable. Iceland gets to you with its varied unspoiled and untamed nature. Skiing powder and smelling the ocean at the same time is a feeling I will never forget. The entire operation is very professional and yet at the same time you feel the joy and excitement of anyone working at Arctic Heliskiing. The terrain they have at their disposal caters to most levels of heliskiers. I would go back in a heartbeat.
- Angelika Franz
Arctic-Heli is the one heli-ski operator that keeps me coming back year after year. Great skiing. Great guides, pilots, and staff. Great lodge environment in a magical valley. They have access to a massive amount of terrain that ranges from mellow glacier cruising to steep lines down to the ocean shore. Go early season for powder or go late season for corn skiing under the midnight sun. While you are there, take a few days before or after to enjoy amazing Iceland. I can't say enough good things about the experience.
- Joel Spiegel
"Amazing scenery, first descents, skiing to the beach, skiing under a midnight sun, wonderful food and service, all delivered with relaxed Icelandic charm!"
- William Armitage
If you want to experience absolute professionalism in safety, helicopter flying, knowing the endless amount of different slopes, where to get perfect snow, in friendliness and helpfulness and also tasty Icelandic cuisine on top of it you will just have to go to the farm of the Arctic Heli Skiing team! Thank you for making Iceland absolutely unforgettable and hope to visit you soon again!
- Michael Skigin
...But ultimately, coming here is about swapping the routine of a conventional ski trip – the lift queues, the busy pistes, the throbbing europop in the apres-ski bars – for an adventure, the chance to experience a real wilderness, to try something new. In the space of a long weekend, I have my first taste of skiing from summit to shore, of skiing on a glacier under the midnight sun, and of making a first descent.
- Tom Robbins, Travel Editor, The Financial Times
Skiing in Iceland with Jokull and Arctic Heliskiing is a unique and inspiring adventure for all who love the mountains, skiing and the most spectacular terrain you can find with snow on it. Combined with the ambiance of the lodge and incredible food, the guides who consider their time in Iceland the highlight of their year, and thrill of finding new and challenging lines from the endless possibilities of snow covered peaks from which you can choose your line every run, there is nothing else like it in the ski world. You want to share it with your friends and tell them they must experience for themselves, but then you are torn and don't want to tell the world about your secret indulgence, so you know it will be there unspoiled and unchanged for you the next time you return. And return you will. The lure of the ultimate powder skiing adventure will bring you back again and again.
- Peter Van Raalte
The food that was prepared before your eyes in the cozy kitchen by an extremely competent chef is unforgettable.
- Angelika Franz
Irresistible combination of steeps and mellow couloirs down to the seashore, powder if you wish and spring snow cooked al dente from 9am ‘til 9pm. Skiing with Jökull in the Troll Peninsula is a dream whether you want the meditative trance of skinning or the adrenalin rush of a heli day out. And don’t get me started on the food or the coziness of the lodge (just stay away from the rotten shark).
- Francois von Hurter
Put this trip on your must do list - The terrain is awesome, the guides are outstanding, and the food is exceptional! It's hard to image anything more exciting than heading out to ski at 22:00 and skiing until 02:00 under the midnight sun. Thanks for the great trips JB & everyone at Arctic Heli Skiing - see you again soon!
- RB Klinkenberg
Unless you like treeskiing, there is no need to fly to Canada for heliskiing. Niceland has it all: long downhill-runs from peak to sealevel, epic landscape, lots of snow, killer-sunsets, a long season well into june to extend your skiseason and no jetlag.
- Michael Neumann
'Arctic Heli Skiing is truly an experience of a lifetime. Once a sheep farm, owner/Guide JB has created a magical backcountry and helicopter skiing experience. I was lucky enough to be invited to film Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride in Iceland with Julia Mancuso and Jess McMillan. The entire trip was nothing short of incredible from start to finish. JB and his staff roll out the red carpet in a quaint at home sort of way. The lodge felt like home from day one. All of the guides, the chef, the pilot and the rest of the crew are warm and welcoming. The terrain is perfect. Mostly 3,000 foot lines that lead right to the Arctic Ocean. Spring conditions provide for incredible snow quality and lots of golden light. I miss Iceland, the crew and the lodge. I can't wait to go back!!
- Sierra Quitquit
Heli-Skiing with AHS stands out as one of the great experiences of my life, and I can’t wait to go again.
- Adrian Jones
As a professional freeskier, I have been fortunate enough to heli-ski around the globe. From the Alps to the Andes and Canada to Alaska and I can say that hands down the most amazing heli-ski experience of my career has been with Arctic Heli Skiing in Iceland. The terrain is endless, the scenery like nothing else on the planet and the guiding is simply the best. Jokull Bergmann and his team deliver the trip of a lifetime. Not much better in the ski world than skiing big lines of perfect corn to the edge of the ocean and a waiting heli to cycle you back for another lap. After a full day skiing lines of a lifetime, you fly home for amazing meals and top notch accommodations. A trip to Iceland with Arctic Heli Skiing should be a must-do bucket list item for every serious skier.
- Sven Brunso, VP sales & marketing at Durango Mountain Resort
Perfect place for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. The guides know the place very well and the pilots are very skilled. Awesome landscapes and powder snow !!
- Elias Abifadel
The true trailblazers of Tröllaskagi heli skiing!
- Finnur Oddsson
''Arctic Heli Skiing, is based in one of the most beautiful locations that I have ever been, and it only gets better as they take you to the goods in their A-star''
- Grant Gunderson - Photographer
Shredding in Iceland was sick this winter! I was checking the surf and skiing pow at the same time!
- Rory Bushfield, Professional Skier
JB's mighty troll mountains are an infinite source of excellent and provocative slopes for both trekking and heliskiing. You are able to ski from the top of mighty peaks all the way down to the realm of Neptune. An absolute must for real skiers. And the food is great too.
- Björn Ingi Hafliðason, Captain, Icelandair
Skiing and riding that compares to Alaska without the bravado, with the added bonus of an awesome cultural experience.
- Clifford Borden, Portfolio Manager, CIBC
One of the all time best experiences of my life! The trip just got better and better every day. The highlight was a life changing midnight sunset ski.
- Warner Nickerson
Can't wait to ski with Arctic Heli Skiing next season, the product is awesome in every aspect, but specially thanks to the team who always go beyond our expectations!
- Miguel Pardo Sanchis
Easy to reach yet as remote a landscape as you will find. The terrain has something for everyone including steep lines that are spicy enough for anyone. Many runs have the ocean as a backdrop which is quite special. Having skied many places I would say that Artic heli is a must on anyone's heli bucket list.
- Clifford Borden
One of the all time best experiences of my life! The trip just got better and better every day. The highlight was a life changing midnight sunset ski. The sun only kissed the horizon. It was spectacular. We took a bunch of runs with the most magnificent golden light. Simply amazing. Thanks. Hope to come back soon!
- Warner Nickerson
I have stayed at Arctic Heliski' Klængshóll-Ravenhill lodge twice now. Once in the winter and once in the summer. It is a magical place! It feels like coming home. JB and the staff at the lodge are generous hosts that make you feel like part of the family. A rare thing these days. The lodge and cabins are wonderful. Homey and comfortable. Excellent beds. There is a thoughtful eye for detail around the entire property that makes this place so special. There are not many places in the world where you can ski 2000 to 3000 meters and then have lunch by the ocean. The ski terrain is exceptional. For avid skiers Iceland is a bucket list destination.
- Sharman Learie
JB and his team are the absolute best. From sea to summit,on and off the mountain. The experience is epic. Incredible terrain, super knowledgable guides, sweet lodge and cabins, delicious food and the kindest staff. In addition to epic skiing and snowboarding we felt immersed in Icelandic culture. To top it all off, I got to SUP the river near by through a birding area out to the ocean. Black sand beaches offer great surfing too. And if that isn't enough you can also ride Icelandic horses. A once in a lifetime experience we keep coming back to year after year and it's always amazing. Skiing untracked corn snow at midnight with a view of the ocean... doesn't get better than that.
- Erika Senft Miller
I have skied with a number of heli skiing companies, and Arctic Heli Skiing is my favorite! The staff is professional, helpful, and friendly. The location and the small size of the groups make for an amazing experience. When you add the location, beauty, and charm of Iceland to the mix, skiing with Arctic Heli is an experience every skier should put on his or her list!
- Karen Van Dusen
I was very fortunate to be the winner of a 4-Day Classic Heli Skiing Package. Besides amazing heli skiing, the package also included lodging at Klængshóll Lodge (true luxury in a rustic setting), all meals (delicious gourmet food prepared by a full-time chef), morning Yoga classes, full use of Lodge Spa facilities, as well as complimentary beer! Included in the many beer choices are a light and a dark beer with Arctic Heli Skiing’s private label made by a local brewery. Some people may say that getting there is half the fun. I wouldn’t say this about a seven-hour overnight flight to Iceland, but riding up in a helicopter for each scenic ski run to more untracked powder comes close. In the morning of the first day of heli skiing we went over safety procedures. This included checking our equipment, which included beacons, shovels, probes, Pieps Jetforce airbag backpacks, and helicopter procedures. I had an amazing first day. After feeling the initial excitement of the first few runs I found that I was able to take in more of the experience - the vastness of the mountains, the still and silence after the heli leaves, the diamond like sparkle and shine on the surface of the snow, rhythmically floating on untracked powder runs, and then realizing I get to do this again and again. Yes, I definitely would return with Arctic Heli Skiing Iceland and repeat the most amazing ski experience.
- Steve Fargan
Discovered Iceland in the spring and immediately fell in love with its rough untouched otherworldly beauty. You get the feeling of being on another planet, which has always been a kids dream for me. So I wondered what could be better than that. The answer is : skiing in Iceland with Arctic Heli Skiing ! The Heli becomes a spaceship that drops you with just 4 other people in the middle of this vast scenery. Don’t be mistaken by the nice pictures you find on this page. What you get is so much better then what you see here ! And while JB takes you down these amazing slopes each one even better then the previous one, you’re thinking this definitely has to be the kind of feeling that Armstrong and Aldrin had when walking on the moon (except that skiing is better than walking of course) ! On top of that you have the cosiness of Klaengsholl Lodge and its friendly very professionel team that makes you feel home (and safe) on this nice planet. Don’t worry about the alien in the kitchen : the food is amazing. Throw in some northern light if you’re lucky and you get the most unique skiing experience ever. Well at least I’ve had nothing else coming close to this in 40 years of skiing !
- Thierry Arnauts
AHS provides an amazing, one of a kind experience. The conditions and terrain are incredible. The Spring skiing in creamy, corn snow can't be beat. Add to that the fact that the sun never sets in the Spring and you have the opportunity to do some midnight runs right down to the ocean. The available terrain accommodates a variety of skill levels. I have been traveling here for a number of years with my family and we are all able to have a great time. What sets AHS apart from other operations is the overall quality of the experience. It is much more than the world class terrain. It's the quality and expertise of the staff along with the outstanding accommodations that truly takes AHS to a level beyond any other place that I have stayed. We consider AHS an extension of our family. The friends we have made and the experiences we have had keep us coming back year after year. My advice to anyone considering AHS for their next trip is, "Just do it! You will not be disappointed."
- John Miller
A truly wonderful experience. Gentle folks, wonderful food, fabulous terrain, great guides. Spring snow for us like no other, and long runs to the sea. Smiles all around.
- Nicholas B. Paumgarten
We travelled to this remote place in the north of Iceland with our two kids, 9 and 11 years of age. After going through a beautiful landscape we finally made it to the end of our trip and what would be the beginning of a fantastic adventure.When we took off in the helicopter, the kids were very quiet (and a bit scared), Snorri the pilot flew over ponies, creeks, a scattered few houses and reached a summit where we started our first decent. It was magic. We all felt like we were on top of the world with this enormous landscape of one mountain after the other, the ocean close by, glittering in the sun. Each and everyone of us had a huge smile from ear to ear. Off we went, down the side of the mountain with our guide Kirk leading the way. Again and again and again. It was wonderful skiing theses slopes where it felt like we were all alone in the entire world. I looked to the right and I had a kilometers of skiable slopes, I looked to the left and saw the same. After the first day, we all had coarse voices from screaming - awesome, awesome, awesome! We are all agreeing that this shall be our family tradition, ending the ski season with Arctic Heli Skiing. First we take "Grand Montet" - then we take "Stairway to Heaven"
- Mikael & Malin Wallenberg
Amazing Operation for a top notch Icelandic Heliski Experience. Defenitely a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime. I felt almost at home the minute I arrived at the Klaengsholl Lodge. I visited end of May and had by far the best corn snow skiing of my skiing life. Nothing compares to a 1000 vertical meter run on perfectly "al dente" corn snow down to the edge of the ocean.
- Hansjörg Xdream Franz
Have now done three trips to Iceland with them and planning to go again with them to Greenland . Totally professional , great guides , quality helicopters with great pilots that rotate regularly. Stunning scenery with skiing to the beach, best heli ski operation I have been with.
- Shane Perkins
Spending a day with AHS made our editorial trip to Iceland a success. They worked with our budget and needs and got us to the best areas on the Troll Peninsula. Riding in view of a spot you watched whales feed the previous day is something you don't get to do everyday. Huge thanks to JB and crew for making our trip a memorable one.
- John Scarth, SBC Media
AHS offers some of the most majestic terrain in the world. There is something about skiing powder straight down to the Arctic Ocean that is just one of the most exotic experiences out there. AHS owner JB is a true Icelandic legend. His guiding on and off the mountains is unreal. Iceland is a one of a kind place with so many natural wonders to see. I can’t wait to get back.
- Todd Jones, Supervising Producer, Teton Gravity Research
Did a splendid tour with AHS, snowboarded around 10k vertical both on Troll Peninsula and the Gold Coast. Sunny, perfect corn snow all the way to the ocean. Actually had a swim in the ocean too, and of course the guides brought towels and packed lunches. JB guided himself, you know you are in good hands with him and his guides. The lodging and food were also superb, nothing like relaxing with a cold Kaldi beer and some freshly made sashimi after a big day in the mountains. Yoga with JB's mom teaching before going up to ski was also unforgettable. We hiked and skied Mount Hestur the morning after, again in perfect conditions. One of my best days on a snowboard and highly recommended. Hope I get the chance to go on another trip with my wife someday.
- Sveinn Eydal
Heli skiing in Iceland with Arctic Heli Skiing is one of the best experiences of my life! Taking off in a helicopter at midnight to ski perfect corn for 3,000ft to the ocean - are you kidding? There isn't many places in the world where that is possible. The lodges are beautiful and homy, the landscape is other-worldly and the locals are friendly. The terrain is also perfect for everyone whether you are a professional skier or a 2x a year skier.
- Brittany Mumma