At Arctic Heli Skiing we provide our heli skiing guests with skis, poles, avalanche packs, transceivers, shovels and probes at no extra charge.*  Below you will find information about the gear we provide as well as a packing list. 

Ski and snowboard boots are NOT provided for your trip. It is very important that you bring your own boots as it can take long time to break in boots and a good fit can be difficult to find. We have a very limited supply of Dalbello Lupo Freeride Tour boots, however these are intended for emergency use only in the case of lost luggage or a broken boot.

*Please note that this does not include our Ski Touring programs. Guests must bring their own gear for these programs. We do have a limited amount of ski touring gear available to rent.  Please contact us for further information.


Guests on our Iceland Heli Skiing programs are provided with the following avalanche safety equipment.  All guests receive an avalanche safety briefing prior to skiing to become familiar with this equipment and how to use it.

Pieps Jetforce Avalanche BackpackPieps DSP transceiverProbeshovel

Völkl Skis

We have partnered with Völkl to provide our guests with a large variety of high performance skis to choose from. It is not necessary to make a reservation as we will fit our guests with skis upon arrival.

Völkl Katana V.Werks
141_112_131, Lengths 177, 184, 191

The Katana is a legend. The choice of several of Völkl‘s pro big mountain riders. With 3D.Ridge construction and a Full Carbon Jacket construction, the V-WERKS Katana is one of Völkl's signature pieces of technology, made in Straubing. Now featuring an ICE-OFF top sheet its light weight makes the ski incredibly maneuverable, with performance enhanced through its unique combination of materials. Considering its dimensions it's an incredibly light and versatile 112mm wide big mountain ski with full rocker.


The BMT construction. This ski is all about the perfect ride. A lightweight, lively ski feel combined with a smoothness and stability formerly reserved for much heavier skis. Flat tail, Full Rocker, Moderate Taper, and a precision-matched sidecut combine to make this a top rated product for the skier seeking an all mountain freeride ski that can handle variable snow and groomers alike. The W model is the exact same ski with reduced wheight. The big mountain ski for every serious freeride lady.

Völkl 90Eight & 90Eight W

The 90EIGHT is the most versatile ski in the most versatile range. It is an all-mountain ski that handles anything from bumps, to trees, to groomers, powder and crud. The moderate taper sidecut and precision-matched flex allow you to steer it anywhere you want to go to rip up the mountain with an easy, cruisy feel. And on a sidenote: . The 90EIGHT W is a lightweight, lively women’s all mountain freeride ski, it´s ideal for the skier who wants a nimble, easy-handling ride without sacrificing smoothness and stability. 

Völkl Blaze 106
146_106_128, Lengths 172, 179,186

The new Blaze series now adds yet another dimension to the idea for intuitive freeriders who appreciate a playful ride coupled with agile and sporty maneuverability. As the widest model in the line, the Blaze 106  delivers fantastic flotation, even in soft snow. You will particularly benefit from the ski’s faster and more direct reaction in narrow and rough terrain – and with less effort. The Blaze has been primarily designed for short, fast turns but the three different radii together with the tip to tail hybrid multilayer wood core adapt to any riding style how ever ambitious.

Völkl Blaze W
146_106_128, Lengths 158 & 165

The Blaze 106 W is a light, agile powder ski that is constructed with maneuverability in mind. In narrow terrain and/or rough conditions their reaction time is impressive, especially for a powder-width ski. Their full length Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore and overall design target short-turn-oriented skiers, but the sidecut’s three radius technology adapts to most every riding style. With the addition of the Suspension Tip, a rubbery, shock-absorbing material on the tip and tail edges, the Blaze 106 W rides high through pow, crud and wind buffed snow with playful power.

Völkl M6 Mantra 96
135_96_119, Lengths 170, 177, 184

The new Mantra M6 again comes with a multilayer wood core and tip and tail rocker.  By adapting the Titanal components to the various ski lengths and thus to the skier’s proportions, not only can the tip and tail ends be weight-optimised, but the torsional stiffness can also be influenced, thereby improving the ride qualities. The new handling characteristics of the Mantra M6 are also enhanced by the tailored carbon tip. The dedicated positioning of the carbon fibres results in a precise tip response and vastly improves the ski’s torsional stiffness.

Völkl Secret 96
135_96_119, Lengths 156, 163, 170

The Secret 96 is a serious recipe for snow-shredding fun. The new Tailored Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips give the skis much the same smoothness, with a bit more ease. The 3D Radius Sidecut allows for confident turns in any terrain, and the 96mm waist covers the bases for most every snow depth without sacrificing performance in either direction. If your appetite says “yes, please” to virtually all conditions, and you sometimes prefer cruising over charging, the Secret 96 is your ski du jour.

Völkl BMT 90
127_90_109, Lengths 163, 170, 177, 184

The model with the biggest range of use in the line. Impressively light the BMT 90 is predestined for the formerly traditionally oriented skier, who’s expecting more pressure under the boot and also daring to explore new freeride territories. The new BMT 90 brings huge versatility to skiers looking for a light weight setup capable of long days that can also ski the whole mountain in a variety of conditions. Its full carbon jacket construction makes the ski smooth and stable, while tip/tail rocker with camber under foot deliver liveliness and manuverability.

Völkl BMT 109

A dream- come-true in every backcountry environment. With a full carbon construction and lightweight multi-layer wood core, it features full rocker and an early-taper sidecut, for true big mountain versatility. It also features the added advantage of the ICE.OFF topsheet, designed to keep snow and ice from adhering to the topsheet to keep the lightest possible setup

Völkl BMT 122

Only its performance is more impressive than the looks of this full-rocker ski. 122 mm under the binding makes you stand on top of the world, although due to the full carbon fiber construction and 3D.Ridge with lightweight multiayer woodcore one is easily inclined to label it floating. It also features the added advantage of the ICE.OFF topsheet, designed to keep snow and ice from adhering to the topsheet to keep the lightest possible setup, which is incredibly easy to maneuver despite its size.

Völkl Confession
144_117_133, Length 179

The name says it all. Völkl’s Confession awarded for its stable, solid ride and lively handling. Titanal Band construction delivers the ultimate stability without adding too much weight. The moderate taper outline allows you to steer and point it wherever you want it to go. Athlete-tested in big mountain powder conditions, this directional ski handles deep snow and variable conditions with unparalleled smoothness.

Völkl Aura
41-108-124 mm shape

Flat tail, Full Rocker, Moderate Taper, Precision-matched sidecut
Top rated product for the skier seeking an all mountain freeride ski that can handle variable snow and groomers alike.

Völkl Kenja

The Kenja is the slimmer, a little more piste-oriented version of the Aura. It features a 90mm waist, moderate taper in the tip, and the added maneuverability of tip and tail rocker. These design elements create easier, more playful handling, while maintaining the edge grip, stability, and frontside performance that have made it one of the most popular all mountain skis on the market.


We have a very limited selection of snowboards so we recommend that guests bring their own if possible.  If guests do require a snowboard please let us know well in advance so that we can be certain we have the right board waiting for you upon arrival.  GUESTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN SNOWBOARDING BOOTS, we do not have any available. 

Völkl Savvy Wmn´s Snowboard

143 & 146 with Alu Choice Bindings
From effortless powder runs to challenging pipe drops, the versatile Savvy takes one challenge after the next! The Rocker Shape, with Blunt Nose Geometry, makes the board playful but lively at the same time: Despite a short board length, the longer effective edge guarantees maximum hold, resulting in easier spins and safer landings. In the backcountry the Rocker Shape is king, as it easily glides through all snow conditions. 

Völkl Alright Snowboard

155, 162, 167 with Alu Choice Bindings
From wind-lips to couloirs and big open powder slopes. The Alright’s specific Freeride Hybrid Shape to be versatile in all runs. Relatively short effective edge, resulting in a board that turns and plays as easily as a short park stick. From switch tricks in powder to speed checks in steep terrain this board can handle it all. Thanks to the Tapered Nose the Alright can plough through powder like the biggest big mountain board and deal with even the meanest bomb holes. With its unique square shape it never catches an edge, not even in the most challenging conditions of crust or wind-blown snow. At the same time the mellow camber between the bindings provides great edge hold on ice despite its softer flex. The Alright is the perfect tool for our playground.


At Arctic Heli Skiing we have a small shop located in our ski barn. The shop is set up with two things in mind, souvenirs and common outdoor stuff people forget, loose or break.

The outdoor section is set up in cooperation with Iceland´s premier outdoor shop, Fjallakofinn. Items available include: base layers, hats, gloves, mittens, sunglasses, ski goggles and more.

In the souvenir section we have some local art work along with our awesome Arctic Heli Skiing clothing department.
You can choose from T-shirts, hoodies and buffs in a variety of colors and sizes all with the AHS logo.  We also carry a selection of Marmot jackets and vests with the AHS logo embroidered on them - definitely worth taking one home!


The list below is intended to be used as a guideline for packing.  If you have any questions about the suggested packing list or equipment in general please contact us

  • Ski or Snowboard Boots (we recommend carrying your boots in your carry on baggage during flights)
  • Wind and waterproof shell jacket (Gore Tex or equivalent)
  • Wind and waterproof pants (Gore Tex or equivalent)
  • Base layer (wool or synthetic)
  • Fleece or Soft Shell Jacket 
  • Light to medium down or fiber jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves or Mittens
  • Ski socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Ski Helmet (optional)
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Bathing suit for hot tub and geothermal baths (towels are provided by the lodge)
  • Personal medications
  • CameraPower adaptors and necessary chargers for your electrical devices
  • Casual day-to-day clothing for dinner at the lodge. 
  • Comfortable clothing for morning stretch or yoga sessions at Klængshóll Lodge
  • We have winter boots available for guests to use around the lodge