Arctic Heli Skiing makes any weather day a fun day

In addition to world class skiing, Iceland also offers one of a kind cultural experiences. We understand that ´down days´are the last thing you want while on a heli skiing trip but we have not yet figured out a way to control the weather or conditions. Fortunately we are able to offer some unique down day options to our guests, making the most out of these days. 

Below we have highlighted a handful of the options available. Of course some guests may prefer to relax at the lodge and take in the beautiful surroundings, enjoy a massage or some time in the sauna and hot tub. 

Lake Mývatn Nature Reserve

In case of a down day a trip to Lake Mývatn will put the smile right back on your face. Lake Mývatn is a scenic area where the forces of nature meet your eye and you get the opportunity to see first-hand how geological activities sculpt the landscape. This unique area is by many considered the most beautiful place in Iceland. After visiting craters, boiling mud pools and driving through the lunar like landscape with its lava formations formed by volcanic eruptions in the past we will stop for a relaxing soak in the Mývatn Nature Baths. 

Kaldi Beer Spa

Yes, you read that correctly. After 11 successful years of brewing Kaldi beer at the local microbrewery, their own beer spa was opened in June 2017. The idea comes from the Czech Republic where beer is known for its beneficial effects on the skin. A soak in the hot beer is a relaxing and revitalizing experience for your mind and body. Of course you will not be sipping the bath water, beer draughts are located at every tub where guests can fill their glass as often as needed. 

Lofthellir Cave

Explore the mystical world of darkness and ice in the Lofthellir Cave, a natural lava cave that boasts the greatest natural ice sculptures currently known in Iceland. Walking inside this 3000 year old lava tunnel is a special experience that you will never forget.  

The Cave is located in the Mývatn area where volcanic eruptions have made their changes to the environment for thousands of years with diverse lava fields and craters. 

Cultural Tours

The locals of the Arctic North, whose genuine and friendly nature makes visitors feel at home, are proud of their history and eager to introduce visitors to their culture stretching back to the Viking Age. The traditional occupations of agriculture and fishing are important to the culture as they used to be the only way to make a living. As a matter of fact, almost every grown-up person in Iceland had a great-grandparent that worked in one of these industries and lived in a turf house. In northern Iceland the Herring Era was an adventure of its own, having a vital role in catapulting Iceland into the modern era, creating a solid economy and allowing Iceland to flourish in the 20th century. By spending a few hours studying “the old days” you will get a rare insight into the heart of the Icelandic nation.

Ski Touring

When the wind is blowing and the snow is falling there is nothing that beats a day outside. As we say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. In case of a heli down day there is no reason for you to stay down. Getting out with your guide and feeling your heartbeat rise as you climb the hills will boost the appetite and after the tour you can enjoy a well deserved sauna or hot tub session.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in the picturesque landscape of Eyjafjörður is a true adventure on sea. These wild sea giants have been the root of many tales back in the days where sailors met magical cetacean creatures. Here you have a great opportunity to get to know these hidden mammals a little better, you might catch a glimpse of a humpback whale breaching, and minke whales and dolphins are a common sight.

Sea Angling

Whether you are a fisherman or not, it is easy to get hooked on sea angling. We sail on the Eyjafjörður fjord where you have a good chance of catching cod, haddock, pollock or even atlantic catfish. After the tour, you will of course get the change of tasting the catch and even bring it home to the lodge and give the chef the task of preparing a dish.