Our three lodges are all strategically positioned in the middle of our ski area, with Klængshóll Lodge being right at the heart of the mountains. No other ski lodge in Iceland boasts multiple 1280m or 4200ft perfect fall line runs right to the front door of your ski in - fly out cabin. What this means in Iceland where heli skiing companies charge per flight time, is that you will get more skiing for every hour flown with Arctic Heli Skiing than anyone else. This is due to the simple fact that our ski runs are longer and at the end of the day you can bang out as many runs as you like that take your right back home, with no flight time wasted and some pretty incredible averages when it comes to meters skied per hours flown. This central location gives Arctic Heli Skiing unrivaled flexibility to fly and ski in difficult weather conditions.

The Troll Peninsula and the Hidden Land are every skier's dreamland with about 90% of the mountains skiable, meaning there are not many cliff faces or flat spots. The mountains are the perfect mix of steep couloirs and faces, to wide open glacier runs. What really sets Iceland apart from any other heli ski destination is the fact that you can ski up to 1200m runs all the way down to the ocean. Standing on top of a magnificent mountain at 66 degrees north with the deep blue of the Arctic Ocean ahead and endless snow capped peaks on all other sides is something utterly unique and spellbinding. Here Arctic Heli Skiing is truly ahead of the game with the great majority of all the ski to the sea runs in the area under exclusive use contracts, guaranteeing you the chance to ski from summit to sea.

There are plenty of slopes for skiers of all abilities from very extreme terrain suitable for the pro riders to nice and friendly areas for the first time heli skier. The Mountains of the Troll's are up to 1500m or 5000ft high but you can in many cases, ski that entire vertical all the way down to the ocean. The average heli ski run is around 900m or 3000ft in vertical drop. Due to our northerly position there is no tree skiing in Iceland, in fact the local joke is that if you get lost in an Icelandic forest, you just have to stand up. So if you are scared of big nasty tree wells Iceland will feel pretty safe. To get a better idea of our terrain please visit our Terrain Photo Gallery or our Video section.

  • A 4,000 Sq. Kilometer Playground and Endless Options!