Trip Cancellation and Medical Insurance

Life Happens.  For your peace of mind and to avoid any financial hardships should the unexpected occur we require our guests to have trip cancellation and medical insurance. 

Arctic Heli Skiing has partnered with Global Rescue for your travel insurance needs. There are many other insurance providers out there so you are not required to use Global Rescue. It is important that whichever travel insurance you go with, that you read the fine print and make sure that heli skiing and off-piste skiing are included in the coverage. Many insurance providers offer an "upgrade" or add-on for this inclusion.

It is important that you are covered for trip cancellation as we do not offer refunds in the event you need to cancel your program with us due to an injury or family emergency (these are only two examples of the many things that can prevent guests from coming). Medical coverage during your visit with us is also a good idea. If you are injured and do need to be evacuated via helicopter for example, you will be charged for the helicopter transfer. If you injure yourself during the program we do not offer a refund for the days missed. 

global Rescue Partner logo  GLOBAL RESCUE 

  • Medical Consultation services 24/7/365 with critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians
  • Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency
  • Evacuation back to the member's home hospital of choice
  • Security Extraction from natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest
  • Travel Intelligence and event monitoring from our team of in-house analysts
  • GPS Tracking & Communication through our mobile app
  • Find out more about Global Rescue and why you should become a member