Why choose Arctic Heli Skiing in Iceland and Greenland?

What sets Arctic Heli Skiing apart from other heli skiing operations in Iceland and why would you choose to ski with us?  Well in our mind it's pretty simple, but when you are faced with nothing but vague information on websites, in a country with zero industry regulations, where operations can claim whatever they want with no hard facts to back up the big words, the choice can be difficult.

Below we have tried to make that choice easier for you by presenting the reality of the Icelandic heli ski world plain and simple. Here you will find out what really sets us apart and puts us ahead of the rest in the way of safety, guides, terrain and our strong roots in the area. Qualities guaranteeing that with Arctic Heli Skiing you are in the best of hands.


For veterans of Canadian heli skiing where the operational standards are the strictest in the world it may come as a surprise that in Iceland there are simply NO RULES or regulations when it comes to operational safety and standards of heliskiing companies. This is something you should think long and hard about when you compare the apples and oranges of the Icelandic heli ski world.


As the first heli skiing company in Iceland we had the good fortune to pick out what we consider the best terrain right from the get go. Today Arctic Heli Skiing holds exclusive rights to ski what is in our minds the most incredible heli ski terrain in Iceland. Ranging from summit to sea runs to the longest vertical drops on the Troll Peninsula, skiing right to your front door at our Klængshóll Lodge. No other operation in the country can match the size, quality and variety of our exclusive terrain.


What truly defines the essence of AHS is our pioneering history, tradition and above all our people. We are family owned and operated with three generations involved in welcoming you to our ancestral farm, now turned into our skiers home away from home. This is a big part of the reason why the majority of our guests return to ski with us year after year, becoming not only our guests, but friends and fellow adventurers. So be prepared to make yourself at home, but be warned that if you come once, you run a serious risk of having to repeat again and again.


Only three hours away from Europe and five from the East Coast of North America, Iceland could not be easier to get to. With little or no jet lag you will arrive fresh in a country unlike anything else, ready to ski. With direct flights from all major cities on both sides of the Atlantic it is safe to say that no place on the globe can provide better big mountain heli skiing closer to home. This simply means maximum skiing and adventure on your precious days off.


Sitting in the hot tub, cold beverage in hand after a fantastic day of heli skiing and watching the otherworldly Aurora Borealis dance across the sky, is truly a unique and spellbinding experience. Iceland is one of very few places in the world where you can combine the grand spectacle of the Northern Lights with a heli skiing adventure of a lifetime. For the optimal time and highest chance of glimpsing this natural wonder, join us February through mid April and you will be truly amazed.


In late May and in June, a truly unique skiing experience awaits you. Skiing through the ethereal orange glow of the never setting Midnight Sun on perfect spring corn snow. All through the night. Imagine going out after dinner and skiing a dozen runs or so, before stopping at midnight on a summit overlooking the Arctic Circle. Here you will witness the grand spectacle of the sun barely skimming the surface of the ocean as it seems and than rise again. This is truly an experience not to be missed.


As we have yet to figure out a way to control the weather, the best we can do is to provide our guests with the most varied and interesting activities on days that we are unable to fly. Being in Iceland, one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet we can most certainly entertain our visitors with spectacular natural wonders, culture and activities outside of skiing. In fact, the saying goes, that if you do not experience any down days during your stay, you will have to come back for all the down day activities.


Our duty is to ensure that our future as a company, but more importantly the future of our people and our planet is at the forefront of any decision making or planning. In 2020 we started with the first steps of many to fully offset our Co2 emissions with an extensive program of wetland restoration and forestation on our very own land at Klængshóll and Karlsá Lodges. with the aim of becoming not only Carbon Neutral but Climate Positive at the same time that we nurture our very own land and create tangible results involving our community, staff and our guests.

"This place is about more than just heli-skiing some of the longest, most consistent, most scenic runs imaginable—though the Troll Peninsula is definitely all of that. It's also about geology and geography and history and biology and oceans and life in the North Atlantic. It's about a home-grown business in an unheralded place. It's about family ties to the land, and some of the best accommodation and food to be found anywhere. But most of all, if you've been to Arctic heliskiing, it's all about wanting to go back. Guaranteed one of the best experiences ever."

- Leslie Anthony