History of Heliskiing in Greenland

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Greenland Heliski History

Below you will find a short history of Kevin's Greenland adventures in his own words as well as his reasoning behind flying completely around the globe every year to go skiing in Greenland.

''I spent the first 2 weeks in May 2005 in the region and we had a very good trip. The snow conditions were a mix of powder and corn and the weather was reasonable allowing 9.5 flying days out of a possible 14 days. The snow conditions were perfect for exploring which was the nature of the trip.

In 2006 I spent 3 weeks in the region arriving the last week in April. We had good powder skiing and some spring skiing the first week, a mix again the 2nd week and perfect spring skiing on the 3rd week. As we were leaving the snow was powder again. The spring skiing was by a far the highlight although it nice to have a mix of conditions. In 2006 we flew 17 out of 21 days.

In 2007 we had a bad week where we only got out on 3 days however the weather then cleared and stayed fine for 13 days allowing us 16 days Heliskiing out of 21.

In 2006 &2007 we did overnight trips to a small Inuit village approx 100 Km to the North and stayed in the local school house. This was quite an adventure but involved arranging sleeping bags and catering to be supplied as well as a lot of logistics but it did make for a fantastic cultural experience and a chance to explore some amazing terrain.

In 2008 we had a delayed start due to our helicopter being stuck by weather in Southern Greenland. It had left a week earlier from the base in Nuuk but a persistent storm prevented its arrival until mid week. On arrival the weather was settled and over a 4 week period we had 20 flying days out of 28. On bad weather days we got out ski touring almost every day and on occasion combined ski touring with dog sledding to access different terrain.

In 2009 we had amazing powder and cold weather in late April and early May. We only operated for 2 weeks and flew on 9 out of 14 days. During this period we had some of the best skiing and riding, experienced to date in Greenland and got great shots of a polar bear near Kulusuk''

In 2010 we operated for 3 weeks and had a mix of powder and fantastic spring skiing conditions. We had a 3 day storm during the middle week. The last week volcanic ash from the Icelandic Volcano prevented guests from arriving, whilst in Greenland the weather was perfect.

In 2011 we experienced difficult weather during the last 2 weeks in April and the first 2 groups were delayed  in Iceland while waiting for flights. Members who were able to extend for a couple of days were able to catch some great powder days but unfortunately some people had to return as scheduled. The last 2 weeks the weather was perfect and we were able to ski every day. This past season we experienced the worst weather overall since 2005 skiing 19 days out of 28. We also had to private charter an aircraft on occasion to make the most of the weather windows. Private aircraft are available in Reykjavik and cost approx double what it costs on the scheduled Air Iceland flights however they will come at your request thus providing a back up service.

In 2012 we operated for 2 weeks only. The first flight was delayed due to weather but we were able to get skiing by Monday and skied the next 5 days with excellent conditions. Saturday the Air Iceland flight was delayed and the groups shared a charter flight on the Sunday. The 2nd week we had good weather and snow conditions and had 5 great days skiing.

In 2013 we operated for 4 weeks from mid-April to mid-May. The first week we had good powder snow conditions and 5 out of 7 operational day. We were delayed a day getting out but when the next group arrived there was 6 fines day during which time conditions varied from powder to spring snow. The 3rd week had unsettled weather but we skied 4 days and found some good conditions. The final week the weather remained unsettled and we only managed 3 days skiing. Over the past 10 seasons in Greenland the last 2 weeks have been consistently the best in terms of good spring snow and settled weather however this past season the last two weeks were the most challenging we have had to date in Greenland.

2014 started with amazing powder skiing but was followed by a rain event which kept us down for 2 days. Following this we conditions improved and despite having many overcast days and lots of easterly winds we got good skiing and were able to fly most days. Out of 22 days we operated 18 days with a mix of powder and mainly spring conditions.

2015 season started with a 2 day delay in Reykjavik but on arrival in Tasiilaq we got skiing straight away and had excellent conditions. The following days we had a strong wind off the icecap which limited the skiing and provided us with some tricky conditions. The following 2 weeks the weather was settled and we skied most days. There was another flight delay before the last week started where we got some good powder conditions. Over the 22 days we flew on 17 days.

2016 season the weather was perfect and we flew every day for 3 weeks! We had no powder but enjoyed perfect spring skiing!

'' Greenland is the most spectacular place I have skied, the week offers a fantastic opportunity to experience somewhere completely different (more spectacular than Antarctica). It is not CMH and things in Greenland don’t operate with the same efficiency. The weather, snow quality or flying hours are not guaranteed and there is no refund policy. In saying this the runs are close and I manage the operation to give you the best variety of terrain , skiing quality and maximum number of runs possible for the number of hours flown. I believe it is a very high quality product and from experience feel that the weather is stable enough that you will get to have a great trip although you can expect a day or two doing alternative activities. 

The days are long and we make the most of every flying opportunity. Some members of my group are now coming back for their 6th trip so this does speak for the region. You do need to have a sense of adventure and a desire to check out an amazing place. I wouldn’t be traveling from NZ to Greenland every year if I didn’t think it was worth it! ''
Arctic Heli Skiing Greenland heli ski skiing Kulusuk east coast Arctic Heli Skiing Greenland heli ski skiing Kulusuk east coast
Arctic Heli Skiing Greenland heli ski skiing Kulusuk east coast

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