Heliskiing in Sweden with Arctic Heli Skiing

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Heliskiing in Sweden

In Sweden, Arctic Heli Skiing is privileged to be working with one of Sweden's leading mountain guides Stefan Palm, who has over the years built up a high end heli skiing operation in Northern Sweden's Lapland region. The area encompasses an untouched wilderness area the size of many small countries, with exciting opportunities for adventure heli skiing at its best. Like in Iceland, the season for skiing in Lapland is spring, with the endless days and midnight sun, making it a favorite place to go, after a busy season in the Alps or elsewhere. Our Swedish heli ski adventures are tailor made to each groups needs in terms of time and dates, so please contact us for more information on availability and pricing.

Arctic Heli Skiing Sweden Photo: Stefan PalmArctic Heli Skiing Lodge Sweden Photo: Stefan PalmArctic Heli Skiing Sweden - Photo: Stefan Palm

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