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Getting Here


There are direct flights from over 20 cities in Western Europe, the USA and Canada to Iceland. It takes about 2-3 hours to fly from Europe and about 5-6 hours from the East Coast of North America. There are two main carriers, Icelandair  and WOW airlines which service destinations on both sides of the Atlantic. All these flights arrive at Keflavik International Airport in the south part of the country (45 minutes from Reykjavik, Iceland's capital). Private jets and charters can land at Akureyri airport AEY in the North, only 45 min away from our Lodge. Other airlines servicing Iceland include Easy Jet, Delta Airlines and SAS.


Once you arrive in Keflavik (KEF) in the south a 45 mini bus or taxi ride will bring you to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. If you are planning to spend a few days in Reykjavik you can send us an inquiry about which Hotels are the best and what to do around town. If you are desperate for some turns and want to get straight to the goods you  have the option to take a domestic flight from Reykjavik to the town of Akureyri in the North, (this is a short 45min flight). Reykjavik airport is in the center of town and most buses from the International airport will drop you off there.

NOTE: You will need no more than 2 hours from the time your international flight lands in Keflavik until the departure of the domestic flight in Reykjavik due to the fact that the domestic airport is very small and easy to navigate. (*this is assuming that your flight into Keflavik is not delayed)

There are up to 10 flights daily with Air Iceland departing as early as 07:15, or you can charter your own ride with Eagle Air Iceland or Norlandair straight from Keflavik International airport to Akureyri.




Beginning in February of 2017 Iceland's regional airline, AirIceland will begin operating direct domestic flights between Keflavik and Akureyri in connection to international flights via Keflavik.

Currently only passengers from Icelandair flights can include checked in luggage on this flight route. That luggage will be checked in all the way. Work is in progress for agreement with other airlines. As agreements with other airlines are added we will provide updates via our Facebook page as well this page. 

Please keep in mind that these flights do not line up with all of our programs.  Please see the table at the bottom of the page to see how the flights line up with our programs. You can find out further information on the AirIceland site



When coming in from North America you have two choices. If flying with Icelandair the best flight to take is one departing in the evening 1 day prior to the start date of your package.  These flights generally arrive around 06:30 the following morning.
You will then have the option of spending the first half of your day in Reykjavik checking out the sights before flying with Air Iceland (*note not the same as Icelandair) up to Akureyri in the afternoon arriving around 18:00 (just in time for our regular pick up & drop off from our lodge).
We find that most guests are a bit weary from their travels so what we often recommend for our North American guests is to catch the first flight up to Akureyri where we pick them up and bring them straight to the lodge.  This gives guests the opportunity to relax and have lunch and maybe nap a bit to get over jetlag. If the whole group on the program is coming from North America then there is actually a good chance you can get out for some turns that afternoon when the guests leaving that day finish their program, hence getting a little extra skiing in. Only thing to keep in mind is that your rooms might not be ready until around noon as this is the exchange day where groups come and go.
The other option which we do not recommend but many guests from North America who are short on time opt for is to arrive in Iceland on the first day of skiing.  This means arriving in Keflavik around 06:30, transfer straight to the Reykjavik Domestic airport catching an early flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri and then heading straight to the lodge and putting on your gear for a full day of skiing. This is obviously a bit hectic and guests are generally pretty tired after the first day.


For guests arriving from Europe the normal program is that they arrive in the afternoon in Iceland and catch the
domestic straight away to arrive in Akureyri around 18:45.


To get the most out of your ski package we definitely recommend that you plan an early evening flight, 18:00 - 19:00 from Akureyri to Reykjavik on your last day with us.  This gives you the opportunity to get a full last day of skiing in and then enjoy a relaxing evening in Reykjavik before you head back home or on to your next adventure. 

We hope that you find this information helpful in planning your flight itineraries but of course do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


If you are joining any of the following programs and you are flying with IcelandAir (or flying another airline with only carry on luggage) then you may have the option to take a direct flight from Keflavik to Akureyri.  The tables below are intended for reference and all departure dates and times should be confirmed with AirIceland.


 4 Day Programs    KEF Departure Times    6 Day Programs    KEF Departure Times 
 Mar 8-12   16:45  Mar 6-12   16:45
 Mar 12-16   07:55 / 16:45  Mar 12-18   07:55 / 16:45
 Mar 16-20   07:55 / 16:45  Mar 24-30   16:45
 Mar 20-24   07:55 / 16:45  Mar 30-April 1  07:55 / 16:45
 Mar 24-28  16:45  April 5 - 11    16:45
 April 1-5   10:30 / 16:45  April 17-23   16:45
 April 5-9   16:45  April 23-29   16:45
 April 9-13   16:45  April 29-May 5   10:30 / 16:45
 April 13-17   07:55 / 16:45  May 11-17   10:30
 April 17-21  16:45  June 4-10  17:00
 April 21-25   16:45  June 10 -16  10:30
 April 29-May 3    10:30 / 16:45  June 22-28  10:30
 May 7-11  17:00    
 May 11-14  10:30     
 May 27-31  10:30     
 June 4-8  17:00      
 June 8-12   10:30     
 June 24-28   10:30     













 DEPARTURES (AEY - KEF)  On the last day of our programs most guests return to Reykjavik that evening, however If you prefer to stay in the cozy town of Akureyri (voted by Lonely Planet as the "Best Place in Europe 2015") there is the option to take a very early morning flight (04:30) or afternoon flight from Akureyri the day after the program has ended. These dates are listed below.  

 4 Day Programs    AEY Departure Times    6 Day Programs    AEY Departure Times 
 March 8-12   March 13 @ 04:30  March 6-12   March 13 @ 04:30 
 March 12-16   March 17 @ 04:30  March 12-18  March 19 @ 04:30 / 13:20
 March 28-April 1  April 2 @ 04:30  March 24-30  March 31 @ 13:20
 April 1-5  April 6 @ 04:30  March 30-April 5  April 6 @ 04:30 / 13:20
 April 5-9  April 10 @ 04:30  April 17-23   April 24 @ 04:30
 April 9-13  April 14 @ 04:30  April 23-29  April 30 @ 04:30
 April 17-21  April 22 @ 13:20  April 29-May 5  May 6 @ 13:20
 April 25-29  April 30 @ 04:30  May 11-17   May 18 @ 13:20
 April 29-May 3  May 4 @ 13:20  May 29-June 4  June 4 @ 22:30
 May 15-19  May 20 @ 13:20  June 10-16  June 17 @ 13:20
 May 27-31  June 1 @ 13:20  June 22-28  June 29 @ 13:20
 May 31- June 4  22:30    
 June 24-28  June 29 @ 13:20    
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