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Siglo Signature Ski Touring in North Iceland

Ski Touring

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Not only is Iceland a world class destination for heli skiing but also for ski touring. The center of activity is the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland with thousands of peaks and slopes for all abilities. The fact that the Troll Peninsula is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean makes for incredible opportunities of skiing right down to the ocean. Ski Touring on the Troll Peninsula

For this one of a kind ski touring trip we will be based out of the charming Siglo Hotel in Siglufjordur.  In recent years Siglufjörður is becoming known as one of Iceland´s premier locations for ski touring.  All rooms in this new high end hotel have views over the surrounding mountains and marina.  After a great day of skiing you can relax on the cozy windowseat of your room and enjoy the views in this quiet little haven in North Iceland.  Enjoy the outdoor spa and sauna, strolling through the historic fishing village or even some more turns at the local ski resort only 5 minutes away. Choose from either a 4 or 6 Day package below.  There is also the option to add ski touring to your heli skiing package, please contact us for further information.

  • Arctic Heli skiing to the ocean

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