Situated on the Western shores of Iceland’s longest fjord and strategically placed in the middle of the best heli ski terrain on the Troll Peninsula and the Hidden Land, Hjalteyri Boutique Hotel could not be better located for our Ultimate Private program.

The very charming hamlet of Hjalteyri with its 43 permanent residents used to be a bustling herring fishing hub back in the first half of the 20th century. Hundreds of people made their living here catching and processing the ‘’silver of the Sea’’. Today all that remains from this golden era of Herring fishing is the giant abandoned factory that sits right on the ocean, a stark reminder to us all, to respect our resources and natural environment. But after decades of decline Hjalteyri is now seeing a new and positive boom with the old factory being transformed into artist residences and exposition spaces where Iceland’s finest artists display their work and create new pieces.

It was in the spirit of this "art renaissance" that the well known patron to the arts and collector Þórhallur Arnórsson, a successful Akureyri businessman took it upon himself to create Hjalteyri Boutiqe Hotel. Commissioned by the fishing moguls, during the golden years of the Herring fishing in 1950 the building originally served as a schoolhouse but had been sitting empty and abandoned from the early 90’s until 2006. This is when Þórhallur started extensive renovations where no expense was spared and in 2015 Hjalteyri Boutique Hotel opened its doors to the first guests. 

Housing one of Iceland’s largest private arts collections this wonderful representative of the Bauhaus school of architecture is today one of the finest lodging options in Iceland. It goes without saying that Arctic Heli Skiing and Hjalteyri Boutique Hotel are a true match made in heaven. With our helicopter parked right outside the hotel door and the first ski runs a mere 4 minute flight away, Hjalteyri Boutique Hotel is the perfect place for our smaller programs such as the Ultimate Private, Private and Premium. 

The hotel has a total of 8 rooms and suites. The four story building is comprised of:

  • Large ground floor dining area where breakfast and dinners are served
  • Three regular 20-25 m2   double rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Two 50 m2 (540 ft2 ) suites.
  • A two bedroom 90 m2 (970 ft2 ) suite
  • A 100 m2 (1080 ft2 ) penthouse master suite with a 360˚ 200 m2  (2150 ft2 ) balcony with a hot tub.
  • A second outdoor Jacuzzi is available for other rooms.