5 Reasons to ski with AHS


1. Skiing Unlike Anywhere Else in the World!
Skiing in Iceland and Greenland is an amazing experience with a variety of terrain and the rare opportunity to ski from summit to sea. Throw in a mix of Northern lights, midnight sun and unique cultures and you will find that Iceland and Greenland are true adventure skiing destinations. 

2. Northern Lights and Midnight Sun
Visitors to AHS in February through early April have the chance to experience a spectacular show in the night sky and visitors in late May and June have the opportunity to ski into the night under the midnight sun.

3. Breathtaking Landscapes
The landscapes in both Iceland and Greenland are spectacular and awe-inspiring. With beautiful mountains rising up from the fjords and endless views. Guests often find themselves making more stops than necessary to take it all in. 

4. Small Group Experiences
We use Airbus AS350 B3e’s. These powerful and time proven machines are the best possible helicopters for small group heli skiing. With space for 4 skiers in the back, and the guide and pilot up front one helicopter can service up to three guided groups of skiers in a fast and efficient manner. 

5. The People
AHS is family owned and operated and the staff that make up the AHS team is just like family. This is part of the reason why many of our guests return to ski with us year after year, becoming not only our guests, but friends and fellow adventurers. So be prepared to make yourself at home, but be warned that if you come once, you run a serious risk of returning again and again.