Arctic Heliskiing in June

Skiing at the stroke of midnight in Iceland
Skiing at the stroke of midnight in Iceland

There are lots of good reasons to make the jump over to Iceland and do some summer skiing in June. June has been for a long time a slow part of the season for Arctic Heli Skiing. It´s the time of the year when people start the summer activities and stop thinking about skiing. We are slowly changing that as June is one of the best months to go heli skiing in Iceland and customers who visit us in June almost always come back the same time next year.

In the spring and beginning of summer we at Arctic Heli Skiing are skiing perfect corn snow. The snow pack is very stable and so is the weather. You can ski few runs and then take a coffee break and nap in the grass or have a lunch on the beach and a short swim in the ocean.

 Did I mention the midnight sun and that the summer days are long here in Iceland?

On the 7th of  June two groups of four each arrived at our lodge at five o´clock PM. We gave them our avalanche and heli safety briefing, had a quick dinner and went out skiing.

It was eight o´clock when the helicopter lifted the first of the two groups and we started the ski program. The sun was shining, no wind and warm enough for one of our customers to choose to leave his regular ski pants and ski in shorts. Exactly at midnight we had both groups on top of Messuhnjúkur peak (yeahh one of those easy Icelandic names) were we enjoyed the warm midnight sun and toasted in Champagne as we managed to ski into the 60thbirthday of one of our customers.  After that we skied one more run that ends down by the lodge and arrived there at 12:30 just in time for a beer and short hot tub session.