Geir Gíslason new CEO of AHS

Geir takes the reigns from AHS owner Jökull Bergmann who finally came to the conclusion that an International Mountain Guide certification is perhaps better used for guiding in the mountains and spending days on snow and rock with our guests rather than driving the desktop and surfing spreadsheets.
Geir hails from Akureyri where he grew up on a strict diet of ski racing in winter and working as a farmhand and fisherman during summer, so he is no stranger to hard honest work. Geir is also no stranger to AHS as he started out as one of our guests over a decade ago. He went on to co-found Akureyri Backpackers Hostel and Bistro with Jökull which he has been running for the past 7 years. With a degree and background in business and finance and intimate knowledge of tourism, especially skiing, Geir is a fantastic addition to our great team and the perfect man to manage our dynamic operation. (Our only complaint so far is his choice to use a PC instead of a Mac :-)  
We are super happy to welcome Geir to our tight knit "family" and look forward to future adventures with him in the captain’s chair.