Heli Season Starts!

The heli waiting for the first group to kick off the 2021 season
The heli waiting for the first group to kick off the 2021 season

A second season of pandemic skiing is upon us but we are still out there doing what we do best and making it work thanks to our loyal guests and staff! Saying that it has been easy would be quite an understatement, but then again nothing has been easy for anyone this last year so we can't complain. This winter has already been a very good one with great snow and some wonderful spells of good weather. Conditions allowed us to start the heli ski season earlier than ever before with some very keen locals, and until April 30th we will continue on that path (see below).

A special thank you goes out to all those groups and individuals that have stuck with us through the storm and moved their bookings not once, but twice between years, or undertaken their trips with all the uncertainty and limitations that these times have brought upon us! Without your continued support we would certainly not have been able to continue on our path of providing people with their dream trips in Iceland, Greenland and around the globe.

We do remain hopeful and optimistic that the situation will improve and we plan on being fully operational until the end of June or even longer into the season of the never setting Midnight Sun. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you sooner than later with us on the Troll Peninsula!

Good luck, stay healthy and safe and think about how good it will eventually be!!!

Jökull Bergmann
Founder and Owner