Iceland Heli-Skiing on Tour

Every year we at Arctic Heli Skiing Iceland go and visit our good friends on both sides of the Atlantic. This year we have already toured the eastern seaboard where we visited friends and did presentations in Vermont and NYC. Thanks to our good friends and long time guests we were able to host some great little events where both old and new guests got to hear the good word about heliskiing in Iceland right from the horses mouth.

A quick stop in London with our man and UK representative James Morland of Elemental Adventure was next in the works and together with him and Last Frontier Heli skiing in BC, Canada we hosted a private screening of the new Warren Miller Movie, Ticket to ride. Great little ski movie with an awesome ten minute Iceland segment as the last one in the film, great stuff. We also had the pleasure of reconnecting with many of our long time guests from the UK, share some food and drink and some great memories from Niceland.

We than moved over to Switzerland where we met up with our good friend Kenny Prevost and partners at Knecht Reisen, the Swiss heli ski specialist and CMH agent for all of Switzerland. Together with Knecht we than moved over to Sölden in Austria where we skied for three days and did presentations for an excited crowd of both old and new guests from both Switzerland and Austria. Great times and a good start to the ski season where we got the chance to try out all the new K2 skis as well as the entire Völkl ski selection.

This coming week our European heliskiing tour continues as we team up with yet another good friend, Veit Erben of Aeroski Germany for a joint presentation with K2 skis in 5 cities in southern Germany. If you are there than please send us a message and we will hook you up with a cool presentation.

Having good reliable partnerships with great companies like the ones mentioned above is key in getting the good word about heli skiing in Iceland out there, and we are very fortunate to have built up these great partnerships in the last few years.