Iceland Heliskiing Lodge Construction

New Guest Cabins going up on the Klængshóll Property
New Guest Cabins going up on the Klængshóll Property

Our lodge is built at a site that has been continually habited since Viking times in the mid 800's. The descendants of these Viking adventurers still live and farm the valleys of the Troll Peninsula.

Klængshóll  or Raven Hill Lodge as it would translate to in English is slowly going through the transformation from being a working sheep farm only a decade ago to becoming one of the finest heli ski lodges in the world and most certainly in Iceland. The construction of the two new guest cabins this fall marks the fourth year of consecutive construction at Klængshóll, where we now have a fully functioning Spa house built on the foundations of a cow shed, the four new guest cabins as well as last years project the Barn.

The Barn as it used to be, and is still called, houses our ski room, apré ski lounge, ski shop, changing room, yoga and stretch room as well as space for all the gear that a heli ski operation might possibly need over the course of a season. But the incredible thing is that although we keep adding guest rooms and all the rest, we have not upped the number of guests skiing with us each week, we are only making their visit with us so much more comfortable and luxurious.

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