Birthday Challenge

Jökull Bergmann the founder of Arctic Heli Skiing Iceland
Jökull Bergmann the founder of Arctic Heli Skiing Iceland

If you missed Jökull´s Facebook post announcing his "Birthday Challenge" you can read it here-

On August 11th I turned 40, which is something I did not really expect for the better part of those years due to the nature of my past times as well as occupation :-)

In those years I have scaled and pitted myself against many a mountain with good success but on occasion the mountain has had the better of me resulting in several very life threatening situations. In all of those situations the unbelievable Icelandic volunteer rescue teams have played a huge part in my survival. Coming to my rescue and being the reason I am able to write these words today.

I was also fortunate enough to be a member of one of those teams for many years and that is where I learned all the basics of mountaineering and took my first steps into the big mountain arena. That training was fundamental in making me the climber and mountaineer that I am today and for that I am ever grateful.

But before I loose your attention I will come to the point of this very long status update……

To celebrate my birthday I am donating 1.000.000.- ISK (roughly 10.500.- CAD) to our local volunteer rescue team here in Dalvik rather than throwing some big party which no one would have had the time to show up for anyways :-)

The local rescue team is an incredibly important institution where everyone gives their time and all funds are raised by the members themselves. In a small community such as Dalvik this can be a daunting task which takes up the better part of every members time and energy each year. Here I would like to help so that they can spend more time on training, recruiting and equipping themselves instead.

So my challenge to all my Facebook friends is that I would like to ask you to give me some money as a present for my big birthday :-) All of that obviously going to the rescue team with my goal of doubling my gift to the team.

Every little bit counts and for example if only half of my Facebook friends gave 10 CAD we would achieve that goal. And I know that I have many good friends out there :-)

All donations big and small are welcome and can be transferred to this € account
IBAN IS44 0177 3871 0377 1108 7631 99 Swift (BIC) NBIIISRE
I will be accepting birthday presents up to the big day on the 11th of August when I will transfer all my presents to my good friends at the Dalvik Rescue Team.

Come now folks and join me in this gift and please share to those that are keen on helping this good cause.

Thank you very much



The Birthday challenge went really well and on the 11th of August JB made good on his word and transferred ISK 2.000.000 to the rescue team in Dalvik. But if you are keen on supporting him in his efforts he is most certainly still taking donations which will all go towards local rescue operations.