Kids Ski Initiative

Bergmenn Mountain Guides | Arctic Heli Skiing in association with the Dalvík Ski Club, is pleased to announce the launch of our new community skiing initiative ‘’Krílin á Skíðin’’. The aim of the program is to provide near cost free ski coaching and training for children in Kindergarten in our municipality. Arctic Heli Skiing will lend each child a full ski setup for their first winter of skiing including the latest Völkl Skis from our retail partner Fjallakofinn.

As we all know the cost of equipment in our beloved sport is an impeding factor for many parents along with the complications of procuring the correct equipment for those not well versed in the art of the downhill slide! It is therefore our hope that with our initiative all children in our community will have the opportunity to learn how to ski and continue on much like ourselves, with skiing as a passion in their lives.

Skiing is already an integral part of our little community on the Troll Peninsula with strong ski racing traditions. The Dalvík Ski Club already home to 4 Olympic ski racers! Not bad for a town of 1800 souls just below the Arctic Circle. Our aim is to take that further by exposing as many children as possible to the wonderful possibilities of skiing and the opportunities that await in the amazing mountains of the Troll Peninsula.

Who knows, one of those little skiers born in 2015/2016 might be our next Olympic ski racer, start a heli ski company or become a ski guide in the 2040/2041 season!

We wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and hope to see you all in the New Year!

The Arctic Heli Skiing family