Sustainability in the Ski Industry

The past decade has been a decade of growth and building for Arctic Heli Skiing. From our humble beginnings on our poor and abandoned sheep farm in Northern Iceland to the great success that we have had through the hard work of our team and the dedication of our amazing guests that return year after year to ski with us around the globe. With the hard work of creating our enterprise behind us, our duty now is to ensure that our future as a company, but more importantly the future of our people and our planet is at the forefront of any decision making or planning. In 2020 we will take the first steps of many to fully offset our Co2 emissions with an extensive program of wetland restoration and forestation on our very own land at Klængshóll and Karlsá Lodges. Our aim is to  be not only Carbon Neutral but Climate Positive at the same time that we nurture our very own land and create tangible results involving our community, staff and our guests. These are indeed lofty goals and words are cheap and we could stay silent on matters of climate, but we firmly believe as a company and individuals that by putting these words out there we are now starting a chain of accountability that will lead us on a sustainable path creating new positive opportunities for us as a business, our people and our great guests. Please stay tuned and follow our progress and by all means do not hesitate in reminding us to stay on track.