Baffin Island Heliskiing

Day 1

Arriving into the coastal Inuit community of Clyde River, ride your snowmobile for the journey into the Baffin mountains. Leaving Clyde River, you’ll make your way into the deep fiords of Baffin Island, slowly leaving the Arctic Ocean and heading into glaciated terrain. Breathtaking views of steep granite walls and tumbling glaciers truly showcase the awesome landscapes of Baffin Island. Arriving at Basecamp Baffin and be greeted by the Weber Arctic team. An introduction to Heli-skiing routes and a polar safety briefing follows an in-house dinner prepared by Weber Arctic’s private chef.

Day 2-6

Departure by helicopter from Basecamp Baffin flying due west towards the height of the Arctic Cordillera. Land atop Mount Wordie, the longest run in the area, where you ski 4km of arctic powder to sea level. A large granite wall towers the face of Mount Wordie, and below a tumbling glacial tongue extends to the horizon. Baffin holds a massive selection of terrain to choose from; long flowing glaciers for intermediate skiers, to steeper terrain such as couloirs and larger glaciers for advanced skiers. The helicopter waits at the bottom of the run, ready to take you to your next slope of untouched powder.

Day 7

After breakfast, your group will board the flight for the return to home, reminiscing about the past week and gorgeous collection of peaks, glaciers, stunning views and truly unspoiled landscapes you have enjoyed.


In the wild and unpredictable Arctic, weather patterns and wildlife can disrupt even the best-laid plans. All of our itineraries are ‘suggested’– we strive to ensure your adventure is a trip of a lifetime. Each day’s activities take into consideration the dynamic environment we operate within, your interests, and may not always reflect the suggested itinerary outlined here.